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Gnome::Glib::VariantDict is a mutable interface to GVariant dictionaries.

It can be used for doing a sequence of dictionary lookups in an efficient way on an existing GVariant dictionary or it can be used to construct new dictionaries with a hashtable-like interface. It can also be used for taking existing dictionaries and modifying them in order to create new ones.

Gnome::Glib::VariantDict can only be used with G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT dictionaries.

end() is used to convert the Gnome::Glib::VariantDict back into a dictionary-type Gnome::Glib::Variant. You must call clear-object() afterwards.


my Gnome::Glib::VariantDict $vd .= new(
  :variant({ 'width': <350>, 'height': <200>}/))

$vd.insert-value( 'depth','-40')));
say $vd.lookup-value( 'width', 'i').get-int32;  # 350

my Gnome::Glib::Variant $v .= new(:native-object($vd.end));
say 'dict: ' ~ $v.print(False); # dict: {'height': <200>, 'vd01': <-40>}

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unit class Gnome::Glib::VariantDict;
also is Gnome::N::TopLevelClassSupport;



default no options



Releases all memory associated with a Gnome::Glib::VariantDict without freeing the Gnome::Glib::VariantDict structure itself. It typically only makes sense to do this on a stack-allocated Gnome::Glib::VariantDict if you want to abort building the value part-way through. This function need not be called if you call g_variant_dict_end() and it also doesn’t need to be called on dicts allocated with g_variant_dict_new (see clear-object() for that). It is valid to call this function on either an initialised Gnome::Glib::VariantDict or one that was previously cleared by an earlier call to g_variant_dict_clear() but it is not valid to call this function on uninitialised memory.

method clear ( )


Checks if $key exists in dict.

Returns: True if $key is in dict

method contains ( Str $key --> Bool )
  • Str $key; the key to lookup in the dictionary


Returns the current value of dict as a Gnome::Glib::VariantDict of type G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT, clearing it in the process. It is not permissible to use dict in any way after this call except for clear-object(), clear()

method end ( --> N-GObject )


Inserts (or replaces) a key in a Gnome::Glib::VariantDict. value is consumed if it is floating.

method insert-value ( Str $key, N-GObject $value )
  • Str $key; the key to insert a value for

  • N-GObject $value; the value to insert


Looks up a value in a Gnome::Glib::VariantDict. If $key is not found in dictionary, an invalid Gnome::Glib::Variant is returned. The $expected_type string specifies what type of value is expected. If the value associated with $key has a different type then an invalid Gnome::Glib::Variant is returned. If the key is found and the value has the correct type, it is returned. If $expected_type was specified then any valid return value will have this type.

Returns: the value of the dictionary key, or undefined

method lookup-value (
  Str $key, N-GObject $expected_type --> Gnome::Glib::Variant
  • Str $key; the key to lookup in the dictionary

  • N-GObject $expected_type; a GVariantType, or undefined


Removes a key and its associated value from a Gnome::Glib::VariantDict.

Returns: True if the key was found and removed

method remove ( Str $key --> Bool )
  • Str $key; the key to remove