Interfacing Raku to Gnome GTK+


An iterator for attributes



unit class Gnome::Gio::MenuLinkIter;
also is Gnome::GObject::Object;

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Create a Menu object using a native object from elsewhere. See also Gnome::N::TopLevelClassSupport.

multi method new ( N-GObject :$native-object! )


Gets the name of the link at the current iterator position. The iterator is not advanced.

Returns: the type of the link

method get-name ( --> Str )


This function combines next() with get-name() and get-value().

First the iterator is advanced to the next (possibly first) link. If that fails, then an empty List is returned and there are no other effects.

If successful, The list is filled with the name and value, a native Gnome::Gio::MenuModel of the link that has just been advanced to. At this point, get-name() and get-value() will return the same values again.

The values returned in the List remains valid for as long as the iterator remains at the current position. The value returned in value must be cleared using clear-object() when it is no longer in use.

Returns: A two element list on success, or an empty List if there is no additional link

method get-next ( --> List )

The List contains

  • Str; the name of the link

  • N-GObject; the native linked Gnome::Gio::MenuModel


Gets the linked Gnome::Gio::MenuModel at the current iterator position. The iterator is not advanced.

Returns: the native Gnome::Gio::MenuModel that is linked to. (Cannot return a Raku object bacause of circular dependency)

method get-value ( --> N-GObject )


Attempts to advance the iterator to the next (possibly first) link. True is returned on success, or False if there are no more links.

You must call this function when you first acquire the iterator to advance it to the first link (and determine if the first link exists at all).

Returns: True on success, or False when there are no more links

method next ( --> Bool )